First Years Guide 2024

UNSW Marketing Society Feburary 14, 2024 Guides

Check out Marksoc’s First Years guide for some tips and tricks to help you settle into university as a first year at UNSW!


Careers Guide 2022

UNSW Marketing Society August 2, 2022 Guides

Take a deep dive into the marketing industry with our 2022 Careers Guide! Explore insights from graduates, industry professionals, as well as the Head of Marketing on how to make your mark in the multidisciplinary marketing industry today.


Controversial Marketing: From Controversy to Cash

Pearl Huang July 2, 2022 Guides

Since when did brands want to offend people?
Learn more about how brands use controversial marketing as a tactic to generate buzz about their business.


First Year's Guide 2022

UNSW Marketing Society Feb 4, 2022 Guides

Check out MarkSoc’s First Years Guide for some tips and tricks to making the most of your first year at UNSW!


Celebrity-Backed Beauty: What makes it so successful?

Cindy Lam Oct 20, 2021 Guides

Curious to understand how celebrity marketing captures the attention and wallets of consumers? Learn more about the strategies used by Rihanna and Kylie Jenner in their successful ventures into the beauty industry in this article!


Greenwashing: It's Just Not Clean

Melinda Liu Aug 10, 2021 Guides

A deeper dive into the prevalence of Greenwashing within today’s hyper-consumerist society, and what steps consumers can take to better tackle and prevent its effects.


Career's Guide 2021

UNSW Marketing Society Jul 12, 2021 Guides

The 2021 Careers Guide provides content on LinkedIn, internship preparation, student opportunities as well as UNSW’s marketing major!


The Power Of Femvertising

Vivian Nguyen Apr 23, 2021 Guides

A closer look at how marketing constructs ideas of 'self-care' and female empowerment


First Year's Guide 2021

UNSW Marketing Society Feb 5, 2021 Guides

Check out our 2021 First Years Guide and learn the ins and outs of being a first year student!


Brand Slactivism and Corporate Wokeness

Thaveesha Jinadasa August 5, 2020 Guides

We break down the complicated topic of brand activism and investigate the pros and cons of social- activism based marketing campaigns


Career's Guide 2020

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Gain insight into the many pathways a marketing career could take you with our annual Career’s Guide!


Beyond The Court

Selina Go April 22, 2020 Guides

Check out how MARKETING PRINCIPLES were used to create a legacy beyond the court?


The Old Town Road To Success

Aaron Wu March 2, 2020Guides

Learn how Lil Nas X used MARKETING to reach worldwide stardom with his No-1 hit song Old Town Road!!


First Year's Guide 2020

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